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 By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist

Well, I told ya so.

First they hacked the Google car. Now, it appears, they — “they” being hackers — could, in principle at least, take over half-a-million Jeeps (and other Fiat-Chrysler vehicles) equipped with in-car WiFi.

They’ve already done so in fact with one. Read the rest of this article »

2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van Review

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By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist                                         Photo courtesy of CARICOS

I live just two miles away from one of the most popular recreational roads in America — the Blue Ridge Parkway. So I see a lot of recreational vehicles. And lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Benz Sprinters.

Nominally, it’s a commercial van — in the same class (and useful for the same purposes) as the Nissan NV van (and the new Ram ProMaster van). But what differentiates it from those utilitarian appliances is that it’s also nice. The difference between a plain white ‘fridge — and a stainless steel SubZero. Not everyone needs the extra niceness, of course.

But it’s nice that it’s available. Read the rest of this article »

NMA Reboot: Fuel Tax Debate Symbolizes Washington Dysfunction

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This weekly post features recent news stories that highlight and update themes previously covered throughout NMA E-Newsletters and Alerts.

Editor’s Note: Watchdog group ProPublica recently published an in-depth analysis of the debate to raise federal fuel tax as a symbol of Washington dysfunction. The piece points out that the fuel tax has not been raised in 20-plus years, resulting in chronic highway funding shortfalls. It also points out that federal politicians would rather do almost anything else than go on-record as supporting a fuel tax. As a result they propose alternative funding schemes that will hurt millions of American drivers, as we describe in this 2014 Driving Freedoms cover story. Read the rest of this article » Roundup: July 29, 2015

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Each Wednesday, we’ll publish quick summaries of the articles from the last week on We’re doing this because these articles are often strongly connected to the issues that National Motorists Association members are interested in.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Vehicle Travel Reaches An All-Time High
Motorists are hitting the roads in greater numbers than they ever have. The latest Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) data show the number of vehicle miles traveled in the United States has finally rebounded, reaching an all-time high of three trillion miles driven in the past twelve months and surpassing the pre-recession peak of 2007.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Iowa: Court Allows Drinking Alcohol Allowed In Parking Lots
Iowa motorists who wish to drink while behind the wheel of an automobile can do so — as long as they do not leave the liquor store parking lot. The state Court of Appeals came to that conclusion last week in the case of Lacey Rose Brown, who was arrested in a Des Moines parking lot on August 10, 2013 after an officer noticed she had an open container of alcohol in the center console of her vehicle. Officer Walter Garrett insisted that this was illegal, so he and his partner approached and searched her vehicle. Read the rest of this article »

Oversold New Car Features

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By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist

There isn’t a new car on the market that hasn’t already got all the basics covered.

And then some.

It’s hard to find a new car — any new car — that isn’t at least air conditioned. That doesn’t have — at least — a four-speaker stereo with a CD player, power windows and locks and an electric rear defroster. Read the rest of this article »

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